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1. We strive to continue to be a trusted and innovative leader in global forensic medicine and science.

2. To be recognized as excellence in medico-legal education and to deliver next generation forensic medicine services to the society.

3. To provide integrated training programs to the Medical professionals, Police officers, judicial officers like Judges and Public prosecutors etc.


1. To serve the Living as well as the Dead.

2. Ensure to meet the National Objectives in all related matters, being sensitive to ethical/ moral duties.

3. To generate a breed of competent medical professionals who are enthusiastic, truthful, ethically sound and having in them a strong urge to serve mankind.

4. To provide quality-driven, ethically-grounded, independent forensic medical and scientific services for the justice system.

5. To expand and share our knowledge locally & globally and to make a positive contribution to the health & safety of our community.

Department Services

Mortuary Services

Medico-Legal Autopsy Services

Sexual Assault Accused Medicolegal Examination

Embalming Services

Forensic Histopathology

Forensic Radiology

Toxicology Laboratory

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